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We are a luxury residential and commercial builder with years of experience in the construction industry and have a trusted client base. We have completed more than 300 buildings across Kerala.

Our motto is to give you your dream home at the best affordable price. We are with you every step of the way, from sharing your thoughts and dreams about your home. We provide free building plan, 3D, interior and landscape design for all our customers.

5 years free maintenance on all structural, paint, electrical and plumbing fixtures and fittings. We offer you the opportunity to work directly with experienced architects and engineers to finalize your plans. We offer full automation and protection with CCTV, digital locks, intrusion detection, gas, fire and smoke detection and free pest control with a 10 year warranty. Weekly updates of photos via mobile app.

Our Latest Projects


Our New Villa Project

Laurels Luxury Villas

Bring your dream home to life with Laurels Luxury Villas, a new luxury villa project in Trivandrum. This villa project consists of 13 luxury villas. Our location is adjacent to the Technocity project and just 7.6 km from the Technopark. Our premium villas offer privileged living and privacy with plenty of green space, well maintained lush gardens and other amenities. We offer gym, clubhouse, badminton court, children's play area and indoor play area for stylish living at an affordable price. Our villas are Vastu compliant and eco-friendly with solar and rainwater harvesting.

If you are looking for luxury villas in Trivandrum, take a look at Cocoon Infra Laurels luxury villas and be part of us. Read More

Near the IT corridor

Environmentally Friendly

Child friendly


What We Offer


As your general contractor, we work with your team to create a safe, efficient, creative and cost-effective plan to bring your project to life. With a team of trusted sub-contractors, working on all stages of a construction project we help you in every step


You may be wondering which one is best for you. Many building models may be suitable for your space, choose the most important factors and decide on the level of aesthetics, durability, and functionality of a model. We provide free building plan design, 3D interior design and landscaping design for all our customers.


Need help designing your project? Cocoon Infra is your platform for finding design-related solutions. Give your space a fresh design and elegant style. We offer a wide range of creativity to create the perfect living or business space.


Our construction services help your project run as smoothly as possible, from pre-construction to completion. We guide you through the entire process and provide planning, supervision and maintenance for the entire construction process. We are always ready to meet your construction needs.


If you are looking for a premium affordable home in an ideal location with a modern lifestyle and facilities that meet international standards, Cocoon Infra is the right choice for you.


Every commercial building has its own special requirements. We build safe and sustainable commercial buildings, from hotels and hospitals to office spaces and buildings. By working closely with architects and contractors, we can achieve maximum performance in much less time.


Think of living in a poorly designed space. Your search to design your interior ends here. By integrating timeless design in every nook and corner, our Interior Services has the expertise to modify the interior according to the client’s requirements


Transform your home the way you want it to be. You can find the best home decor options that truly reflect your style and personality without compromising on quality or price.


Cocoon Infra offers a full range of commercial landscape and gardening services, including landscape architecture and design, development and execution without compromising on aesthetics.


If you’re thinking of renovating your space, don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our professional designers here. Be it a new construction or a renovation we give utmost priority and importance in every work we do. Our services offer a lifetime warranty on the durability of all construction/renovation work carried out for our clients.

Structural and Roof work

Roof styles combine visual and structural elements to create the ultimate roof design, enhancing the appeal and aesthetics of your space. The roof shape and type you choose will completely change the look of your home. We also provide roofing services for all type of commercial buildings like warehouse, fitness centres, indoor parks, sport hubs, indoor and outdoor turf etc… Here you can narrow down your options and reduce the complexity of the installation process.

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  • Mission

    We strive to be a leader in the construction industry by providing our customers with quality construction and on-time delivery of projects.

    Cocoon Infra builders and developers put health and safety at the forefront of every job. Therefore, we take all the precautions for construction workers if they are working unprotected.

    We believe that integrity, teamwork, passion, accountability and a learning mindset are the key points to true success. We strive to redefine the construction industry by always being ready to offer our customers unparalleled expertise and first-class experience.

  • Vision

    We believe that our team's success depends on our ability to maintain dignity in everything we do. To achieve a leadership position in the construction industry, we believe in creating a results-oriented work environment and thus give excellent service to satisfy our customers.

    We aspire to be the builders of choice in our local construction industry. We strive for excellence in our workforce. We are trained with dedication and experience for delivering high-quality, timely and profitable projects. We value a personalized customer experience.

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